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    MI - Matrimonial Investigator is leading best detective agency in India Expertise in handling
    Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigations, Loyalty Test, Surveillance & Divorce Cases Investigations.
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Private Detective Agency in Mumbai provides professional pre & post matrimonial detective services in Mumbai at Lowest Cost.

Mumbai is a densely populated city on India's west coast. A financial center, it's India's largest city. Are you looking for ISO 2008-9001 Certified Best private detective agency in Mumbai(INDIA)? If yes! You are at the right place to find and get the results from our best detective services in Mumbai. Matrimonial Investigator Detective Agency in Mumbai is one of the efficient private detective agencies and offering wide array of services since many years to the local residents of Mumbai. Being an efficient detective agency, we have been serving the people of Mumbai to get justice with our quality services. Thus we are considered as one of the prominent and competent teams of detectives of Mumbai.

Mumbai is considered to be the most organized and well-established city of India. The living standard of people is also quite high in this city. Similarly the crime rate is also quite high and the number of criminal cases in the city is also increasing significantly. So, to cope up with such situation the need of detective arises. The teams of private investigator we have are capable enough to help people with detective services and helping people to analyze the situation in professional way. We at Matrimonial Investigator Detective Agency in Mumbai are always ready to come forward to help you with our team of expert detectives.

We have well Trained Investigation Team which spread all cities of Maharashtra. We used latest spy equipement during the Operation. The Team is handle by the well trained and experienced Team Leader who directly contact Archana Srivastava. Must be you know about the Archana Srivastava who is best youngest Private Detective of Mumbai, Matrimonial Detective of Mumbai & Corporate Detective of Mumbai. Matrimonial Investigator, Mumbai Provide many Detectives service in Mumbai Like Pre Matrimonial Investigation, Post Matrimonial Investigation, Employment & Matrimonial Background Checks, Infidelity / Cheating Spouse, Video and still photography / Collecting proof, Surveillance Detective, We also solve Divorce / Maintenance Cases in which we provide proof of Maintenance.

Our specialized services include:

  • Pre-Matrimonial Investigation
  • Post-Matrimonial Investigations to include Divorce/Alimony cases
  • Surveillance Detectives
  • Assets Verifications
  • Infringement of copyright, trademark, label & patent related
  • Frauds / Thefts / Missing Persons
  • Litigation support
  • Obtaining evidences required for legal matters

Why Choose Us

We are a fully accredited Private Detective agency in Mumbai, dedicated in providing discreet and effective private investigation services in Mumbai. Whether you require surveillance for employee or matrimonial investigation in Mumbai, a process server to serve court documents, trace people or a fraud investigator, we have many years carrying out various private investigations in Mumbai. We act on behalf of solicitors, tracing agents, insurers for personal injury claims, tracing and locating debtors, witnesses and missing persons for solicitors and private clients, asset recovery and location/ financial Investigations and fraud Investigators for corporate and commercial clients.

We are your solution because Matrimonial investigator detective is one of the largest detective agency in Mumbai and we have over 15 years experience within the Private Investigation and Mumbai Private eye sector, supplying clients with the answers they sometimes strive for, Our Expert Detectives in Mumbai maintain the highest standards of Private Investigation and our fees are the most reasonable Private Investigator rates (Guaranteed)

We pride ourselves in long term experience to give 100% commitment in service to our clients whether they are Private or Corporate. Our unique team of hidden India based asset Investigators who only specialise in finding hidden assets can find any asset in any form whether it be property, in banks, vehicles, businesses, we can also find offshore accounts and investments or franchises and various other investable areas.


MI is one of the best and top most private detective agency in India. MI specialises in Pre and Post matrimonial investigations service, our detectives have solved thousands of pre and post matrimonial service. We have a top investigation specialist team of detectives all big cities in India, Our mission is to provide professional investigations services anywhere in India, at any time and report our fact findings in a timely and accountable manner.


Our Matrimonial Investigator (MI) specialization lies in client's satisfaction. It consists of a team of highly Proficiency & Experienced Agents having specialized experience in different fields. Our company provides solutions to clients honestly, quickly and cost effectively relating to our services. Matrimonial Investigator is a PAN India company. Our private detectives and investigators work all over India with the high density of business from metro cities.


Matrimonial Investigator (MI) is your solution because we have over 15 years experience within the Private Detectiven Agency & Services in India, supplying clients with the answers they sometimes strive for, we maintain the highest standards of Private detective. Please don't be nervous about contacting us, we are here to serve and assist you and help you through your investigation requirements.



Matrimonial Investigator is Best Private Detective Services in Mumbai, where our ultimate goal is to provide client utmost satisfaction at all the levels of investigation. Matrimonial Investigator is among the best detective agencies in Mumbai (India) for solving all type of investigative cases across all over India with 100% efficiency ratio.

  • 10000+ cases solved
  • Client Satisfaction
  • 100% Secrecy Assured
  • Experienced Agents
  • In-Home Laboratory
  • PAN India Presence
  • Reasonable Charges
  • 24x7 Hours Support
  • 15+ Years Experience
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Trust of our customers

Detective Agency in Mumbai

I was searching on Google, regarding possibility of private investigation and detective services in India for matrimonial cross examination. Being a personal family affair, I never wanted it to discuss within my own circle, so i found Matrimonial Investigator, their reviews were good, I called them and got the best feedback and solution i was looking for. I am happy that i decided to chose them for this task... It helped me from taking right decisions !!

Mr. Pankaj Singh - Matrimonial

Detective Agency in Mumbai

My wife started blackmailing me by Threatening of false Dowry Case. I am contact a lawyer who suggested me to hire Matrimonial Investigator who provide detective service in India. Collection of Evidence was done perfectly. Team Looked Highly skilled and experienced. All Precaution were made to handle my critical case. I don't have words to thank Matrimonial Investigator. Highly Recommended. Best Private Detective Agency in India.

Tarun - Personal Investigation


Matrimonial Investigator is one of the trusted private detective ageny in Delhi & the India's first choice for private investigators covering pan India with its offices in...

Detective Agency in Mumbai
Detective Agency in Mumbai
Detective Agency in Mumbai
Detective Agency in Mumbai
Detective Agency in Mumbai
Detective Agency in Mumbai

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