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Trademark & Copyright Infringement Investigation

trademark and copyright verification service in Delhi, India

Matrimonialinvestigator.com is working incessantly in providing top notch trademark and copyright verification service in Delhi and in whole India. Our team of detective professionals has prior experience to handle the case of trademark and copyright infringement. At first we must know what actually trademark infringement is? Suppose you have a company and it you have patent your logo and trademark for your company, but if someone is illegally using your brand name , logo and trademark without giving credit to you, it means that the company is violating the terms. In that case you have full right to file lawsuit to that company. Since your company trademark is your property so it is an offense to use someone property without consulting him. If anyone wants to use your company name or logo, they should give you credit and royalty, and if they are doing the same, then don’t worry we are here to bring compensation for from that company.

We at Matrimonialinvestigator.com assure you that we are having a world calls team of investigation officers and legal experts and they are intelligent to make your case strong. They can easily identify the company which is violating copyright Act. But make sure that you are maintain your trademark because if you are failed to maintain continuously for a long time then it might be penalized so it is mandatory to maintain the consistent use of trademark.

Matrimonialinvestigator.com is certainly a systematic and organized structured trademark and copyright infringement investigation agency in Delhi India and it is our privilege that we have been chosen for the best investigation service in the town and all major cities of India. There is something special in our investigation approach as we do our work scientifically and provide results with proven method. Besides of being a master in detective service, we don’t believe we are the perfect one. We always seek something to learn, we know that no one is perfect in this world but it is very important to do your best effort.



Matrimonial Investigator is a full service private investigation Company in India specializing in all kinds of Investigations.

Pre Matrimonial

Matrimonial Investigator is a top matrimonial detective agency in Delhi provide complete information about matrimonial investigation, either before or after marriage.

Post Matrimonial

Matrimonial Investigator is top private detective agency provide best Post Matrimonial Detective Services in India. We are highly professional in this field.

Divorce Cases

We are top private investigation agencies in India provides professional and secure Divorce Case Investigation Services in all major cities in Inida at best price.

Background Check

Our team inspect on the character, nature, age, business/employment details, education, criminal clearance check, sources of income and family background check.

Surveillance Detective

Matrimonial Investigator is providing the best Surveillance detectives in India and we Provides all the information in which clients gets their required information with proofs.

Litigation Support

Matrimonial Investigator providing Litigation Support Investigation services in all over India. We are having expertise in pre and post matrimonial investigations.

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